5 Coolest Women’s Fashion Sneakers to Try: Here’s What You Should Know


One of the best ways to find new and exciting shoes is by looking at what women are wearing. This article will provide 5 cool fashion sneakers for you to try this season!

1. Chunky Sport Sneaker

ChunkySportSneakerAs Mom Jeans-mania continues unabated, the fashion elite is gifting themselves a new wardrobe of footwear—chunky sports shoes. Padded shoes are back with grooved, high-grip soles and athletic features. It’s the perfect addition to add a spring in your step right now! The ’80s and power walk to work may come to mind when you think of thick-soled sports shoes, but styled right, they can be totally chic.




 2. High Top Sneaker

HighTopSneakerWhen it comes to sneakers, men seem more open about the style than their female counterparts. For years, sneakers have been a household sneaker favorite for both men and women. However, this season they are taking center stage on the runway. It’s time to try on these fashionable sneakers from some of the coolest women out there. If you know the look that you are after, this sneaker is a sure-fire way to achieve it.




3. Statement Sneaker

StatementSneakerThe fashion culture thrives on a statement, and the current sneaker trend is no exception. While whites sneakers dominate as color and are an easy shoe choice, it’s always beneficial to mix up the colors for someone interested in pursuing fashion. Red is for basketball stars, blue is for cops, and now it’s your turn to make a statement with your sneakers. Not all women want bright, bold colors. How about some cool colored laces? Sneaker styles for all tastes are trending this season.




4. Metallic Sneaker

MetallicSneakerAs world-class athletes compete for gold in Olympics, top street style stars have found a way to steal the show with their near-perfect footwear choices. The latest top fashion trend is metallic sneakers worn sported by our favorite female celebrities. Whether you prefer silver or gold, women’s fashion sneakers come in a variety of fashionable colors. If you want to add a dose of “look at me” style, go ahead and pick up one of these metallic sneakers.




5. Flatform Sneaker

FlatformSneakerIf you’re looking for a new sneaker trend without abandoning your favorite kicks entirely, try dabbling in the current flatform style. Women’s sneakers with thinner soles than average and thicker platforms are called flatforms. These sneakers give a heavy, masculine look in which you can build an attitude-filled outfit. There is so much attitude in Rihanna’s Fenty creeper-style flatforms that it’s no surprise her designs are popular.





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